Solo show "Jānis Deinats. Times. So sweet"

The outstanding photographer Jānis Deinats has been taking photographs since 1989. He is renowned as a distinguished portraitist, but until now there has never really been an exhibition of his portraits.

Jānis Deinats’ photographic portraits are a visual testimony to his age. The exhibition will showcase his portraits of over 70 Latvian celebrities, people who are well-known to the public including politicians, sports stars, musicians, poets and actors. However, let’s be honest, this is also an exhibition about forgetting. If a group of young people were to walk into the exhibition today, most of them would ask, who are all these old men and women. But what about in 20 years’ time? These days celebrity quickly turns into anonymity. Exhibition has been created in collaboration with art historian Diana Barčevska and set designer Anna Heinrihsone.

MuseumLV 26.05.2022 - 09.07.2022
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