Moses, Oars, and the Radio.

Trees and humans entered the territory of Latvia almost simultaneously – 12,000 years ago, soon after the end of the last Ice Age. Since then, fundamental changes have taken place in all areas, but the coexistence of people and wood has been remarkably enduring. Thus, the history of our land and society can be read through our relationship with wood and forests.

In the five sections of the exhibition, we share stories about the most ancient wooden objects made in Latvia, the importance of wood in medieval trade, and the various uses of wood in farmers’ homesteads. The insight into the rapid development of the wood industry and history of Riga's gardens and parks will introduce you to the contradictious impacts of the industrial era. Additionally, the interactive balance circle will help you discover your contribution to maintaining the delicate equilibrium between the use and conservation of wood.

National History Museum of Latvia 26.02.2022 - 02.10.2022
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