Rīgas Ritmi 2022. Clark Beckham and the band Ayom

American singer-songwriter Clark Beckham is a 30-year-old super-talent who has been represented by the management company of legendary producer Quincy Jones for five years. With his wide-ranging voice and strong stage charisma, Clark Beckham became one of the jury and viewer favorites of the popular TV show American Idol in 2015, and there he was noticed by Quincy Jones.

The international global music band Ayom from Portugal is called a musical brigade of seafarers that crosses the Atlantic Ocean from Brazil to Angola and Cape Verde, but with a strong Mediterranean identity. The band is made up of: Jabu Morales - voice and percussion, Alberto Becucci - accordion, Timoteo Grignani - percussion, Walter Martins - percussion, Ricardo Quinteria - guitar, Francesco Valente - bass

Riga Cathedral Garden 20:00 01.07.2022
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