Album "Dream Teller" presentation concert

Much like dreams give us advice on the next steps in our lives, the songs of Dream Teller are like small keys to a person's core values - compassion, love, courage, and composure. Our goal is to inspire listeners to live truly and not be afraid of themselves.

Concluding that it is difficult to find inner peace and balance in an increasingly turbulent time, Edgars and Kristīne decided to create new music that reflects both of their personal paths to self-knowledge. Kristīne and Edgars are fascinated with the interaction of the human subconscious and the forces of nature, so the musical material is based on these themes.

In their work, Dream Teller combines influences from a variety of sources, both music and beyond. Listeners can expect the intensity of jazz music, alluring harmonious language, and spontaneous interplay, as well as melodies that address the listener directly. All members of the group are active musicians in Latvia and Europe, covering several genres, so Dream Teller can transcend genre boundaries and find new sounds.

ATTA CENTRE 20:00 18.05.2022
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