Autumn in Riga

When the air gets crisper and the days shorter, Rigas offer ample joyful activities indoors and outdoors. Autumn in Riga is all about well-being: devouring the vitamin-rich harvest, enjoying long, salubrious strolls and feeding your soul with a double dose of art and culture. Plus, during the fall, Riga's streets become even more delightfully uncrowded. 

Catch a movie

There is no better place to spend rainy autumn evenings than the cinema. The Splendid Palace is not an ordinary cinema – a neo-baroque building with a luxurious rococo interior has been welcoming moviegoers for more than a century. The carefully selected repertoire of the cinema consists of first-class European and Hollywood cinema, and every autumn the audience is treated to exciting film lovers' festivals. From September 21 to September 27, the "Baltic Pearl" film festival will take place, while from October 13 to 23, the annual Riga International Film Festival will take place in the premises of the Splendid Palace and the Latvian National Library.

A visit to the galleries and museums

When the October rain is raging outside the window, the warm interiors of galleries and museums encourage you to come inside and experience art at your leisure. Learn about or revisit the most fascinating art venues and galleries in Riga, for example, Zuzeum, Kim? and Riga Art Space. Or you can set aside some time to explore the fascinating and instructive museums here - Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga Art Nouveau Centre, RSU Anatomy Museum and many more!.

Contemporary Riga

Autumn in Riga has been colored in very contemporary colors this year. This year's Survival Kit Festival "The Little Bird Must Be Caught" curated by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and iLiana Fokianaki will explore freedom of speech and sound, as well as various forms of resistance, placing the Singing Revolution and Latvian history in the context of the present day global processes.

Storytelling walks

We have a solution if you are tired of the music that plays while you stroll around the city and want to discover more about the capital city. Join audio tours to discover numerous fascinating tales about the many walking routes throughout Riga. For instance, you may take a stunning Art Nouveau walk or learn about the history of Viesturdrzs over three centuries. Don't forget to take an exploring tour through Old Riga as well.

Opera and ballet

If Riga had a soundtrack for autumn, it would be something as dramatic as Beethoven's Fifth Symphony: rain, wind, and unexpected sunny spring moments. It comes as no surprise that Riga's events schedule is chock-full of breathtaking opera and ballet performances. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Enchanted Princess and Cinderella - this is only part of the full performance calendar of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet. The events section of our website has information about the future performances.

See the city from above

The red roofs of Old Riga, the luxurious Art Nouveau houses of the Quiet Center and autumn-colored parks in the middle of everything - in autumn, Riga's splendor is best appreciated from above. Fortunately, there is no shortage of viewpoints in Riga - go to the terrace of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the tower of St. Peter's Basilica or the Skyline bar on the top floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija.

Take a walk in the city parks

Enjoy how the colorful leaves rustle under your feet while taking a walk in Riga's parks. Catch postcard-worthy views at Vērmanes garden park, where the fountain has been recently restored, Bastejkalns and the nearby Kronvalda Park, and little further into Viesturdārzs, whose entrance is adorned by the grandiose Alexander Gate. Likewise, there is no lack of green spots on the left side of the Daugava - in Pārdaugava. Cast a romantic circle around the Māra pond and along the winding paths of Arkādijas Park.

Zen out

Hotels with SPA areas are worth considering while selecting a place to stay. Pamper yourself with luxury treatments at the Hedonic SPA in the Grand Poet Hotel, the relaxation area of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, or the five-star ESPA Riga located in the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija. You can also familiarize yourself with the relaxing Rigas SPA offers here.

The goodies of nature

When pumpkins, lingonberries and mushrooms appear in the market assortment, it is time to discover the cook in you. For the freshest local products, go to Riga's Central market or its little brother on the left - Āgenskalns market. On Saturdays, you can also buy goods from farmers and home producers in the Kalnciema quarter. Just be warned that you will most likely leave here with a full stomach.

Share a slice of cake

If the weather outside the window is not pleasing, it's time to look for joy elsewhere, for example, on the plate. There are many places in Riga where you can leisurely enjoy a piece (or two) of delicious cake – “Parunāsim. Kafe'teeka'' in the very heart of Old Riga, the paradise of freshly baked confectionery delicacies "Mīkla bakery" on Dzirnavu Street and, of course, "Mulberry" with its heavenly cakes.

Go on a day trip

Go enjoy the beloved Latvian classics and see the golden autumn in Sigulda - here, too, you will find historical castles and many opportunities for leisurely walks in nature. One of the areas that people from Riga like to go for recreation is Ogre and Zilie Kalni. The park is open to everyone who enjoys nature and strolling, and canoeists, cyclists, and other fans of active leisure frequently use the pathways. The Dubkalni reservoir, which is located in the blue highlands, has crystal-clear blue water, a beach that is well-equipped, areas for gathering and bonfires, and an observation tower that is 30 meters high and from which, on a clear day, it is possible to see the Riga TV tower. The natural park is easiest to get from Riga by taking the train to the "Jaunogre" station, from which the observation tower is a 20-minute walk away.

You can easily get to the cities from Riga using electric trains, but if you want to go for a trip by car, there are also car-sharing on the streets of Riga, which you can easily rent using mobile applications.


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